Topics and Guests for June 20

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Topics and Guests for June 20:

¬ 9:03
Israel suicide bombing
Alon Pinkas, Israeli consul general

¬ 9:35
Latest on the case of missing Utah girl Elizabeth Smart
Rick Dinse, Salt Lake City chief of police

¬ 10:03
Middle East tensions rise
What needs to be done to end this bloodshed?
Edward Abington, consultant to the Palestinian authority

¬ 10:20
The CDC's advisory committee. On immunization practices makes a recommendation on the smallpox vaccine today
Should all Americans be immunized?
Jonathan B. Tucker, chemical & biological weapons expert
William Bicknell, former Massachusetts Health Commissioner at Boston University

¬ 10:35
Divorced man discovers he's not really the father of a child he has supported for 10 years and given child support to for 7 1/2 years. Although his divorce papers require him to pay for the child, a new law in California is making its way through the state legislature that could help him and other men in similar situations
Daniel Connors, divorced man who has paid $88,000 in child support for a girl who isn't his daughter

¬ 11:03
Latest on the case of missing Utah girl Elizabeth Smart
Paul Ciolino, private investigator

¬ 12:03
Washington Times story: Terrorists eye easier targets
Find out what soft targets are and examples of where terrorists may strike
David Cid, former FBI terrorism and counterintelligence specialist

¬ 1:10
Elizabeth Smart
Richard "Bo" Dietl, former NYPD detective & chairman

¬ 2:35
NY Times editorial: How secure is a nuclear waste truck?
Jim Hall, former NTSB chairman


NOTE: Topics and guests are subject to change