Minority Report, Juwanna Mann and Lilo & Stitch

Cruise and Spielberg, cross dressing and a cartoon that proves Elvis hasn't left the building all in the Blue Hawaii glow of The Foxlight.

Critics are largely praising Minority Report from the dream team of Tom Cruise and Steven Spielberg. Maybe they're just happy it's better than Vanilla Sky and A.I.

In the year 2054 crimes can be predicted before they happen. That means no more shopping for Winona Ryder. But the film is long. You've seen most of the action in the trailer, and the ending needs more than Cruise's megawatt wink and smile.

Next, Tootsie learns to dribble in Juwanna Mann. The Associated Press gives it one-and-a-half stars and says it fouls out for laughs.

Finally, everyone seems to like Lilo & Stitch. It's got aliens, a young Hawaiian girl and songs from the King, but will kids get animated over songs from Elvis Presley? Maybe. AP says three stars but if your kids are as young as Lilo, remember, this film is rated PG for some mild sci-fi action.

Speaking of science fiction, was Scooby-Doo really No.1 last week? You bet your Scooby snacks. Can it stay there? Not without Mystery vanloads of ticket buyers. But it could take in another $20 million.