Topics and Guests for June 19

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Topics and Guests for June 19:

¬ 9:03
Missing girl
Pat Brown, criminal profiler

¬ 9:20
Robert Blake court hearing yesterday
Margerry Bakley, Bonny Lee Bakley's sister
Cary Goldstein, Bonny Bakley family attorney


¬ 9:35
Lost at sea
Daniela Newman, missing her father Robert Hamman and brother Robert Hamman jr. Both were in a shark hunting tournament

¬ 10:03
U.S. military scales back but the use of the word "war" word widens
Retired Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely, U.S. Army

¬ 10:35
Help! Border patrol alert...
Should the U.S Army help protect America's borders?
Jim Dorcy, retired border control agent

¬ 10:48 
Next week, Southwest Airlines will charge oversized passengers for two seats
Marilyn Wann, fats rights activist and author of Fat!so

¬ 11:03
The consequences of failing to take action against Iraq
Harlan Ullman, national security analyst

¬ 11:35
Sex for sale at the Hidden Valley Golf Club
More on a golf tournament that offered prostitution to their participants
Sgt. Shelley Kennedy-Smith, Riverside County sheriff spokesperson

¬ 12:03
The search for terrorists planning attacks on U.S. soil continues
Bob Pence, former FBI agent

¬ 12:35
Riding in Scooby style
Paul Niznik, Scooby Doo fan

¬ 2:10
Mainstream Muslims?
Daniel Pipes, director of middle east forum & columnist for Jerusalem Post
Eric Vickers, executive director of American Muslim Council

¬ 2:35
Jose Padilla's ex-boss talks about Padilla and speaks out against the terrorism in the Muslim community
Mohammed Javed Qureshi, Jose Padilla former boss 


¬ 3:50 
Bears, bears everywhere!
Gail Tunberg, director of Be Bear Aware at the Southwestern Region's Forest Service

NOTE: Topics and guests are subject to change