The Coz, Ozzy, Woody and Sir Paul McCartney

The Coz, Ozzy, Woody and Sir Paul in the harsh glare of The Foxlight.

Bill Cosby is one former TV dad who doesn't think much of one of today's hottest dads on TV — Ozzy Osbourne. Actually, he doesn't think much of the whole Osbourne family.

"The children are sad and the parents are sad. And this is not entertainment," he said.

Cosby makes it clear that his TV is not tuned to The Osbournes. He said "It is the kind of entertainment that you look at but you wouldn't want it in your home. And I don't like to look at things like that."

Also, Woody Allen may be the quintessential New Yorker but he knows where he isn't wanted. Disappointing box office returns, former partners suing him, Mia refusing to participate in his recent film tribute: what's an aging former funnyman to do? According to The New York Post he's moving either to Venice — into a reportedly haunted villa — or to Paris, where they think he's a genius. Hey, Woody, get a guest room and take Jerry Lewis with you.

Finally, Sir Paul McCartney is on his honeymoon but daughter Stella isn't fuming that her new stepmom didn't wear one of her designs down the aisle. That's because she reportedly talked her dad into insisting on that pre-nup after all.