Why I'm Happy to Be at FOX

The wire services are carrying a story about comments Ted Turner made to the Guardian newspaper about the military mismatch between the Palestinians and the Israelis.

He pointed out that the suicide bombers are the only weapons the Palestinians have, and that the Israelis have one of the best armed forces in the world.

Well jeez. Think what would be going on if there wasn't a mismatch...

But Ted went on... saying both the Palestinians and the Israelis are terrorists terrorizing each other.

This caused the expected stir, and Turner got another flogging from the American media — including CNN, which had an anchor read the story and say that Turner's views weren't those of the network.

Well... almost immediately the anchor was back on the air reading from a piece of paper that had just been handed to her by Turner in the studio!!!

Turner said in this statement that all he was trying to say was that he thought Israel used too much force on occasion.

Okay. Fine. Now we know more about what Ted thinks, as if we couldn't deduce what he thinks from the way his network covers things. But the curious thing about all of this for me — as someone who sits before a camera talking about and reporting on the news — is the thought of the network founder standing off camera holding a piece of paper and saying, "You there. Read this on the air."

Now look... I'm a big boy. I know the bosses can throw lightning bolts from on high when they hear or see something they don't like, but we don't do things that way around here.

There are seven people other than me in this studio, and none of them is the founder of this network saying, "Gibson, read this."

That's just one of the reasons I'm happy to be at FOX, and a good reason for you to be watching FOX.

That's My Word.

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