Topics and Guests for June 18

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Topics and Guests for June 17:

¬ 9:35
The president broadens anti-Hussein order and the CIA gets more tools to oust Iraqi leader
Lt. Col Bill Cowan, U.S. Marines 

¬ 10:10 
Amber Alert
Donna Norris, Amber Hagerman's mom. Amber was kidnapped in 96 and murdered
And an alert system was instituted by 9 states nationwide a media all points bulletin 

¬ 10:35 
John Walker Lindh back in court today
Jon Sale, former U.S. attorney 

¬ 11:10 
Latest news on search for terrorists who are planning attacks on U.S. soil
Skip Brandon, former FBI deputy assistant director for counter-terrorism and counter-intelligence

¬ 12:03 
Elizabeth Smart kidnapping
Where do the authorities go for their leads
Charles Pickett, National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

¬ 12:10 
U.S Conference of Mayors meet to discuss Homeland Security
Thomas Menino, mayor of Boston
Jeff Griffin, mayor of Reno, Nevada 

¬ 1:03
Sex for sale at the Hidden Valley Golf Club
More on a golf tournament that offered prostitution to their participants
Sgt. Shelley Kennedy-Smith, Riverside County sheriff spokesperson

¬ 1:35 
Saudi Visa express: Saudi citizens are getting special treatment by the U.S. government in area of obtaining visas
This fast track to visas allowed by state dept is still in effect, despite 9/11
Joel Mowbray, contributing editor to National Review on line

¬ 2:35
Vigilante Jews will set forth a battle plan
Rabbi Yakov Lloyd founder and president of the Right-Wing Jewish Defense Group

¬ 3:50 
Watergate, the 30th anniversary

Bob Woodward, Washington Post

NOTE: Topics and guests are subject to change