The Majestic, Orange County and The Shipping News

The Majestic, Orange County and The Shipping News in The Foxlight.

It was a majestic flop at the box office. Will Jim Carrey seem any more sincere on the small screen? The Majestic comes to DVD and video this week and it's Capra-Lite. The story of a screenwriter who gets a bump on the noggin' and doesn't know if he's really a returning war hero, drips molasses from beginning to end. If you've got a sweet tooth and love Jim, this could be your movie.

Do Tom Hanks genes make a great actor? Not according to Orange County starring his son Colin, even though he looks and sounds just like daddio. In fact, everyone in this movie is related to someone famous. Schuyler Fisk is Sissy Spacek's daughter and the whole thing was directed by Lawrence Kasdan's son. Any move that wastes Jack Black should be bulk erased.

Remember how excited everyone got when they heard Kevin Spacey was making The Shipping News with director Lasse Hallstrom? Only one thing soured that enthusiasm. The film was released.