Guests and Topics: June 17

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Hear one mother’s story of how she paid $180,000 to smuggle her daughter out of Saudi Arabia.
For two years, Alexandria Davis says she was held captive in Saudi Arabia, locked in the house by her father because he wanted to keep her from contacting her mother. Alexandria's American mother, Miriam Hernandez-Davis, said her Saudi ex-husband took the girl to his homeland and under Saudi law, a woman cannot leave the country without the permission of her husband, father or brother. The House Government Reform Committee is holding hearings to investigate the recurring problem of the abduction of American children to Saudi Arabia.
• Miriam Hernandez Davis and Alexandria Davis

The search continues to missing 14 year old Elizabeth Smart in Salt Lake City. Could an  abandoned car found in Texas hold more clues to the teen's disappearance? Hannity & Colmes will have the latest.
• Ted Williams, former DC homicide detective and attorney
• Stan Francom, Elizabeth's uncle:

Are Christians conservatives trying to demonize Muslims?
• Jerry Falwell, Liberty University

The Supreme Court ruled today to allow police officers to search passengers on buses and trains without first telling them of their rights.
• Mel Sachs, defense attorney
• Kendall Coffey, former u.s. attorney


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