Topics and Guests for Friday, June 14

Tonight...go on the record...with Greta! 

More developments in the search for missing 14 year old Elizabeth Smart in Salt Lake City.

We'll have the very latest for you from Utah this evening with our own Anita Vogel and we'll also talk with Charlie Miller, the milkman who delivers in Elizabeth's neighborhood and Smart family friend, former Utah Congressman Wayne Owens.

And, as the media spotlight stays focused on the search for Elizabeth Smart...what do we know about some of the other kids in America who go missing? We'll tell you about some of the other missing kids police are trying to find.

Also, what's the latest on the situation with actress Winona Ryder in Hollywood? Will the shoplifting case against her ever be heard in court? We'll have an update for you.

Then, it's goodbye to Gotti. The "dapper Don" who died last week will be laid to rest on Saturday. We'll take a look at the wake and the controversial decision by his local Catholic church not to grant him a public funeral.

Finally, can Tiger Woods do it again at the U.S. Open Golf Tournament? We'll ask some folks who answer such questions for a living to give us the odds.

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Note: Topics and Guests subject to change