Teenage Ozzy Tried Suicide

Rude rocker Ozzy Osbourne — who triggered a storm of controversy in 1986 with his song "Suicide Solution" — tried to hang himself from a clothesline as a teenager.

He was stopped at the last minute by his father, according to a book excerpted today in Britain's The Sun newspaper. 

"The 14-year-old made a noose out of his mother's clothesline, put it over his head, fixed the other end securely to a high gate and jumped from a chair," author Sue Crawford writes in Ozzy Unauthorized

"He was caught in the act by his father  who then gave him a sound beating," she noted. 

Osbourne, now 58, was accused of encouraging suicide in "Suicide Solution." But he said the title was misunderstood because he was actually calling alcohol a killer liquid. 

Osbourne turned violent at 7, organizing "hanging squads" that terrorized other kids by stringing them up, the book said. 

After he dropped out of school, he worked in a slaughterhouse - a job that fostered "his fascination with animals and death," Crawford noted. 

Osbourne now has a new cult following, thanks to his hit MTV docu-soap, The Osbournes.

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