Parting Thoughts on Defending Principles

We live in a skittish and unstable world that constantly tests our assumptions about the human capacity for good and evil.

We're not used to worrying about such oddities as armed scuba divers and American recruits to Al Qaeda. But these days, to quote William Butler Yeats, the best lack all conviction while the worst are full of passionate intensity.

Fortunately, there's a simple way to put life back on firm footing. Don't give in on principles. Embrace them. Live them. Pass them on.

A haunting video shows an Arab television host encouraging a three-year-old to belch out hate-filled slurs against Jews. That's what we're fighting: cultures that poison their children, and send them off to die; a sociopathic ideology that equates homicide with holiness.

It's Father's Day, a perfect time to make parents think seriously about these things — to attend to the nurture of children, and the importance of filling their hearts with a desire for goodness, justice and liberty.    

The best defense against an odd and violent world is to teach our children well. That's it for today.

Happy Fathers Day.