Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, Robin Williams and Hilary Swank

The stars and their fathers in the family glow of The Foxlight.

Gee, thanks Mr. Sandler. What were the Father's Day gifts for the stars? Adam says a few years back he gave his dad AC/DC's Back In Black album. He knew his father would hate it and give it back to him. And he did. These days he can probably buy him the band AC/DC.

Chris Rock gave his dad a bottle of Brut when he was a kid. Rock says he can't believe he thought the stuff smelled good. His dad never used it.

Robin Williams tried out an early gag at age 7. He gave his dad all his stuffed animals. He got one of his first bad reviews when his dad said, "Why are you giving me all your old toys and trying to pass them off as new and why would I even want them?"

Hilary Swank didn't like that her dad smoked, so when she was 9 she gave him a pack of cigarettes that had the tobacco carefully removed from each one. She says he was quite touched. Yeah, but did he quit?

Finally, Sir Anthony Hopkins says he never gave his dad a Father's Day present because they don't celebrate it in Great Britain. Hannibal Lecter gets off on a technicality.