Topics and Guests, June 12

Tonight on Special Report with Brit Hume.

Wendell Goler reports: President Bush signs a $4.6 billion bill that calls for protection of food and water supply, development of vaccines, assistance to medical responders.

Guest preview: William McGurn of the Wall Street Journal on the House Government Reform hearing examining cases when U.S. citizens are taken out of the United States, against their will or by parents, to live in a foreign country. 

Carl Cameron reports: As part of the intelligence gathering effort against terrorism in the United States, government officials tell FOX NEWS they have monitored militant Islamic groups in the nation's prison systems for years.

Alisyn Camerota reports: Anti-terrorist police take five people into custody in their investigation into shoe-bomb suspect Richard Reid.

Steve Centanni reports: Ten people feared dead as U.S. MC-130 special forces plane crashes on takeoff. We have the latest.

Steve Harrigan and Bret Baier report: Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld says Al Qaeda militants might be operating in Kashmir, adding an explosive element to the disputed region which has brought India and Pakistan near to war.

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