Topics and Guests for June 11


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Topics and Guests for June 11:

¬ 9:03
Wild fires in Colorado
Matt Bertram, American Red Cross

¬ 9:10
Dirty Bombs
William Webster, former CIA and FBI director

¬ 9:20
Salt Lake City missing girl, Elizabeth Smart
The family is still looking for answers
Sierra & Amanda Smart, 1st cousins of Elizabeth Smart

¬ 9:35
McCartney's fiance's ring was found just in time for the wedding today 
Find out how it got lost!
Carmen Ackerman, publicist for Turnberry Isle Resort and Club

¬ 10:03
Dirty bombs
David Albright, president at the Institute for Science and International Security

¬ 10:35
Secrets of the Secret Service
Chitra Ragavan, U.S News & World Report

¬ 11:03
Dirty bomb in the wrong hands
Al-Qaeda has the know how to create a dirty bomb
Dr. Jim Walsh, Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs at Harvard University

¬ 11:48
The next superstar?
Danny Kean, contestant for American Idol 
American Idol
 is searching for a superstar. It airs on Fox tonight at 8:30pm 

¬ 12:03
Developing a realistic dirty bomb attack scenario for better preparedness
Phil Anderson, director of Homeland Security at CSIS

¬ 1:10
Dirty bomb bust
Brian Jenkins, senior advisor for president of Rand corporation

¬ 1:35
9/11 victim's family member advocating peace not violence or military response, in Afghanistan, despite what happened on 9/11
Kelly Campbell, brother-in-law killed in the Pentagon and she is one of the founding members of Peaceful Tomorrows

¬ 2:03
Dirty bombs: Saddam Hussein's top nuclear adviser warns the U.S. of the real threat ahead, creating weapons of mass destruction for Saddam Hussein for over 22 years
Dr. Khidhir Hamza, nuclear scientist and author of Saddam's Bomb Maker

¬ 3:35
While the investigation into the murder of Chandra Levy remains in the media spotlight, have DC police ignored the other missing person cases?
Roger Chiang, his sister Joyce, a former DC intern was found dead two years ago and her death remains a mystery

¬ 3:50
Stan Lee, founder of Marvel comics


NOTE: Topics and guests are subject to change