Topics and Guests: February 1

Here's what's in store for you tonight on War on Terror: The Hunt for the Killers ... hosted this evening by Rita Cosby.

Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl is still being held hostage in Pakistan. Will his captors make good on their threat to kill him? Secretary of State Colin Powell says the U.S. is doing everything it can to secure Pearl's release, but can more be done? We'll discuss...


— Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld stresses that the U.S. needs to build up the military to be ready for any surprise attacks that could be 'vastly more deadly' than Sept. 11.

But is the military capable of averting all types of disaster, especially those at home? With nuclear power plants and water supply systems on alert, what other dangers do we face in our everyday lives? And what's being done to protect us?

— Bush lists Iran, Iraq and North Korea during his State of the Union address as members of an 'axis of evil'. The wording was carefully chosen, and has Americans speculating about a hidden meaning. Are we headed towards a World War III?

— U.S. troops overseas have received the thanks of people across the country. Now, some XXX-rated entertainers are getting in on the support. See what these adult movie stars have to say to our men overseas...

We'll have all of that, plus the latest news in the hunt for the killers with updates from our Fox News correspondents both at home and abroad, including reports from Geraldo Rivera in Beirut, Lebanon.

Other guests include:

Ed Turzanski, terrorism expert

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