Aug. 27, 2001
Special Report: The Panel: Does Smith's Lawyer Have a Chance?

Aug. 23, 2001
Special Report: The Panel: Why Did Gary Condit Choose This Course?
Big Story: John Gibson's My Questions for Condit
O'Reilly Talking Points: Some Interesting Info About Condit
Hannity and Colmes: Condit: Restoring His Image

Aug. 22, 2001
Hannity and Colmes: Your Questions to Condit

Aug. 6, 2001
O'Reilly Talking Points: Ethics and the Chandra Levy Story

July 18, 2001
O'Reilly Transcript: Casting Aspersions on Chandra Levy?

July 11, 2001
Transcript of Fox News' Interview With Anne Marie Smith

July 9, 2001
Fox News Sunday Transcript: Attorneys Debate the Chandra Levy Case

July 5, 2001
Special Report Panel: Is Rep. Gary Condit Digging a Hole for Himself?

June 26, 2001
Fox News Live: Was Condit's Decision to Stay Mum on the Levy Investigation Wise?

May 18, 2001
Transcript: Sen. Dianne Feinstein talks with Paula Zahn Channel Stuff