Monster's Ball, Kate & Leopold and Black Hawk Down

Monster's Ball, Kate & Leopold and Black Hawk Down in the DVD glow of the Foxlight.

Halle Berry won an Oscar for her performance in Monster's Ball. Did she deserve it? Now that the movie's out on DVD and video, you can decide.

The L'Oreal cosmetic spokesmodel could use this whole film as a before picture but there's more to this performance than just de-glamming. Billy Bob Thornton is terrific as the racist who falls for her. But the most frightening performance is turned in by Peter Boyle. He's a long way from Ray Romano's house as the embittered, hate filled father. Sean "Puffy" Combs is on death row (not the record label.) He gives the film's most overrated performance.

Next, why would Hugh Jackman travel through time, space and dimension for Meg Ryan? Apparently, he likes her lighting and gauze covered lens photography in Kate and Leopold. This limp love story only serves as proof that Jackman is almost bulletproof when it comes to bad material. He always comes off well. When are they gonna let this guy play James Bond?

Finally, Black Hawk Down blasts into homes. At least in your living room you can turn down the volume. But the largely insignificant cast will be even harder to sort out on the small screen. This film is all about noise and action. The fact that it actually happened only makes you want to know the people who were there. That's where this is all Black Hawk Downer.