Guests and Topics: June 10

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Dirty bombs: What should we know, and how potentially endangered might we be?
Van Hipp, former deputy assistant Army secretary

The former vice president proclaimed to the Wisconsin Democratic convention that President Bush should stop using, "the war as a political wedge," but who's really politicizing the war on terror?
Keith Watters, attorney
Ann Coulter, constitutional attorney

What happened to Elizabeth Smart, and do the police have any leads, any suspects?
Chris Smart, Elizabeth Smart's uncle

Environmental groups are putting their two cents into one Senate race. But are they trying to scare voters into voting for the Democratic candidate?
Deb Callahan, League of Conservation Voters
Myron Ebell, Competitive Enterprise Inst.

One school played the world anthem at a graduation. What about the national anthem? Why didn't they do that?
Peter Boyles, radio talk show host
Ed Goodman, Mindshare Foundation


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