Topics and Guests for June 7

Kennedy cousin Michael Skakel was convicted Friday morning of beating his neighbor Martha Moxley to death in 1975.

I'll review the media's treatment of the trial with Steve Dunleavy, columnist for the New York Post, and Eric Burns, host of FOX News Watch.

Intel Corp., the world's largest semiconductor maker, Thursday lowered its revenue guidance, citing lower-than-expected demand in Europe. How will this impact the markets and your portfolio? You'll get analysis from Jeff O'Brien, senior editor at Wired magazine.

President Bush has proposed a Cabinet-level Department of Homeland Security to prevent a repeat of the Sept. 11 attacks. But has he instead created a bureaucratic monster? Stephen Hess, presidential historian at the Brookings Institution, and retired General Tom McInerney, debate.

Tobin Smith, chairman of Changewave Capital Management and Ned Riley, chief investment strategist at State Street Global Advisors, take the market's temperature.

If this weekend's fight between Lennox Lewis and Mike Tyson is such a big deal, why isn't the event sold out and why aren't people lining up to fork over $60 bucks to watch it on pay-per-view? Showtime's Matt Blank weighs in.

Plus, it's part II of Neil's interview with the Donald. Hear Trump's opinions on marriage and the importance of prenuptial agreements.

All that, plus we'll have continuing coverage from around the globe as the War on Terror continues.

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