Should the U.S. Reach Out to Iran?

Is it time to make friends with Iran?

I know it's mullah-ville and home to many bad guys who fund terror against us, issue fatwas and fire up crazed Islamists to go out and make trouble for the "great Satan"...

But on the other hand, Iran isn't an all-mullah, all-the-time country anymore. It has a huge young generation that wants to be friends with America, and will be running things over there fairly soon — when the old mullahs die off.

If we were to reach out to Iran, it would demonstrate to the rest of the Muslim world that America isn't on a jihad against Islam. It would demonstrate that America can be dealt with by a Muslim theocracy, and would have the added benefit of isolating Saddam Hussein and Yasser Arafat, forcing them to explain why they can't bring themselves to go along with good sense.

Saddam, in particular, would be very nervous. He already fought a protracted war with the Iranians, and he probably doesn't want to start another one.

The Palestinians might find life a bit different without Hezbollah or other Iranian-sponsored groups supporting them at every turn. Maybe the Palestinian leadership would let its own people know about the kinds of deals they have turned down in the past. Maybe some of those deals would look a little better in this new light.

Maybe the Saudis would look up and realize things are going to change in Iraq, and that maybe their dominance as oil supplier to the West is in doubt.

After all, the great game is on in central Asia. Are those pipelines contemplated through Afghanistan actually going to go through, or is there going to be an alternative that brings oil and gas out of the 'stans to the West?

If the Saudis had to face the reality that their oil zillions might get cut off, or ratcheted back... maybe they would stop this incessant undermining of public opinion about the West, this relentless radicalizing of Arab youth.

Maybe reaching out to Iran isn't such a bad idea, if the diplos could figure a way around some of the thorny issues: Iran is, after all, a charter member of the "axis of evil"...

But hey, it could happen. Nixon went to China.

That's My Word.

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