Mick Jagger, Tobey Maguire, Leonardo DiCaprio and Christian Slater are in the Foxlight. 

Can anyone be knighted over in jolly old England? Anthony Hopkins. Okay. (Although, has her majesty seen Bad Company?) Paul McCartney? I guess so. But Mick Jagger? C'mon. Who's next — Benny Hill? 

One guy who probably won't get knighted is Tobey Maguire. The normally affable and friendly Spider-Man star was crowned a "conceited Superzero" by a London gossip columnist. Apparently, rain is kryptonite to Spidey. The cast got soaked at the London premiere, and it made Maguire surly — but not "sir-ly." How bad was the after party? Leonardo DiCaprio left in a huff after a supermodel blew him off. Yes! 

Finally, Christian Slater is drumming up business for the new Nic Cage film, Windtalkers. Word in the wind is that it's not so hot, so the stars are working overtime. One tidbit is the now-standard war movie story. He had to endure five to seven days of boot camp — that does sound grueling.