Below the Fold for June 9

Let's check out some political stories we found Below the Fold:

Food for Thought

When TV host Joy Behar, said "thank you, Jesus" to mark the end of a diet, ABC bleeped the savior's name.

The network performed the divinity deletion on the May 23rd edition of The View, which Behar co-hosts, saying it didn't want to offend viewers. This is the same network, mind you, that broadcast a Victoria's Secret fashion special and pioneered broadcast-network nudity and profanity on NYPD Blue.

Custodians Want to Clean Up

Several weeks ago, students at Roadoan Elementary School in suburban Cleveland planted a garden in honor of second grader Matthew Barrick, who died Valentine's Day of a brain aneurysm. Local businesses pitched in $4,000 worth of materials and plantings and community members raised money to help Matthew's mother pay the medical bills.

Now, two school custodians have filed a grievance over the memorial. The union says student volunteers — kids who planted trees and performed landscaping chores — cheated the men out of several days' work at the overtime rate of $37 an hour.

Dispensing Good Cheer

A town-hall vending machine has become the talk of Clifton, Virginia. The contraption serves up not only sodas and juice, but also ice-cold beer. There's concern the machine may tempt Boy Scouts, tae kwon do students, a school-age dance club and other youngsters who frequent the place.

Although town officials say the malt beverages were intended only for the delectation of the local Lions Club, Clifton Mayor James C. Chesley reportedly has assured outraged citizens that he will, "take care of it."