Missing Utah Girl

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A national manhunt is underway for the kidnapper of 14-year-old Elizabeth Smart, abducted at gunpoint from her home early Wednesday. Earlier tonight, we spoke with Elizabeth's father, Edward Smart, and the Salt Lake City chief of police, Rick Dinse.


If we could start, sir, by could you tell us when did you first realize something was wrong? How did you get word?

EDWARD SMART, DAUGHTER ABDUCTED FROM HOME: At about 4:00 in the morning, my daughter came into my room and said that my daughter -- my other daughter had been taken by a man. And I just thought, you know, this is a bad dream. She's had a nightmare.

So, I went into my daughter's room to find her. She wasn't there. I started going to each of my children's rooms. We have six children. And at that time, I couldn't find her. And I started running throughout the house. We called the police and started getting further details that, you know, this man had a gun with him and it was just horrible.

COLMES: I understand, Mr. Smart, Mary Katherine (ph), the daughter who came to talk to you, waited because she felt she had been threatened and didn't come to you right away.

SMART: Right. You know, she thought that some period of time, whether it was two or three hours might have passed. And she just, he told her not to move. And she didn't move. And finally, at a point, she felt it was safe to come into our room. And I just can't even imagine what kind of terror I mean, the worst child's nightmare. It was just unbelievable. I still can't believe it.

HANNITY: Mr. Smart, thank you for being with us tonight. Sean Hannity here. And as a father of two children, this is a parent's worst nightmare and the country's prayers are with you tonight.

I just want to go back to your nine-year-old daughter. She described the man. She was able to help police a little bit. And he also threatened her. Can you give us more information specifically about what your nine-year-old daughter, this poor little girl who's self-traumatized, what she told you?

SMART: You know, I mean, the first thing that I heard from her was that my other daughter, Elizabeth, had been taken by a man. And as I was running through the house, I heard her repeat that, you know, she was taken at gunpoint. Or she was taken -- the man had a gun with her, and she was just, you know, in total I mean, we just couldn't believe it.

HANNITY: And, you know, everything I've been reading about your daughter, sir. I mean, we've shown a scene here of her playing the harp. She was just a great kid.

SMART: She was.

HANNITY: Chief Rich Dinse, who is the Salt Lake City chief, is with us. Chief, there's been a lot of reports about perhaps there's some connection to the Internet or the fact that there was construction in the

area or the fact that this home was for sale or possible ransom could be involved at some point. Can you give us any information? Where's the investigation going, sir?

RICK DINSE, SALT LAKE POLICE CHIEF: Well, we have had a lot of information provided to us regarding people who had been at the scene, at the house, construction people. In fact, the house was up for sale. And so we had real estate people coming through.

We have been following up on those leads since the beginning of the investigation. We've contacted most, if not all of those individuals. And at this point, we're not centering in on any of the people that we've found. Beyond that, we have talked to numerous other people. We have probably over 1,000 leads by now, of which many of them are very good leads in the sense that they're ones that we want to get out and follow up immediately. But as of right now, we don't have any specific information directing us to one individual.


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HANNITY: As we continue on HANNITY & COLMES now, we are going to continue to follow the story for you of this missing 14-year-old girl from Salt Lake City, Elizabeth Smart. And we will be speaking -- we will have an exclusive interview, extensive interview with her father on tomorrow night's program right at the top, 9:00 Eastern and 6:00 Pacific.

She's 14-year-old, blonde hair, 5'6", 105 pounds. She was wearing pajamas at the time. Alan, there's the toll-free number, by the way, if you have tips or information. It's 800-932-0190.

COLMES: I know that you've been covering this on your radio show. You're on in Salt Lake City among other cities.

HANNITY: Yes, KSL Radio out there. Yes.

COLMES: And that you have a large listenership there and you've been using your radio show as an instrument to help here, which is really something we hope to do as well and get out the information about this.

HANNITY: You know, first of all, this is a beautiful child. And, you know, you don't want a situation in America where any child is not safe in their own home, in their own bed. And, you know, I got to tell you. The community in Salt Lake City has been unbelievable. Thousands of people...

COLMES: People have been calling left and right to participate. The city has offered a reward.

HANNITY: Thousands of dollars, a search hunt. I mean...

COLMES: So, people are banning together. And let's hope it has a happy ending very soon.

HANNITY: We're going to have -- we'll have more with Ed Smart, Elizabeth's father, on the program tomorrow night right here on HANNITY & COLMES.

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Remember, we have our opinions. You're entitled to yours. But debating these issues keeps this great country strong. Have a good night.

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