Bad Company, the Ya-Ya Sisterhood and The Sum of All Fears

Bad Company, the Ya-Ya Sisterhood and The Sum of All Fears are in the Foxlight. 

What is Sir Anthony Hopkins doing with Chris Rock in a low-rent version of Lethal Weapon? That's a good question. It can't be the paycheck — Hannibal is too lucrative. But here he is, buddy-copping with Rock. This is another movie postponed after Sept. 11 — it involves a bomb that may, or may not, level New York. One line about turning Wall Street into a charcoal briquette has been taken out. Still, most critics say it doesn't matter — they are calling Bad Company just plain bad. 

Do Ellen Burstyn and Sandra Bullock look anything alike? That's just one of the questions unintentionally posed in Divine Secrets Of The Ya-Ya Sisterhood. Why don't they just call it Chick Flick? This big estrogen ensemble includes Ashely Judd and an unusually demure Maggie Smith, who left her Gosford Park wardrobe, teacups and sneer back in England. Are there any guys in this thing? Yeah — "newcomer" James Garner. Guys, bring a walkman and listen to the playoffs. 

There is one big question: can The Sum of All Fears continue to blow up Baltimore to the delight of film goers, or has word of mouth made it a one weekend wonder? The answer? It will probably be number one again.