Topics and Guests for June 5

It’s the Donald versus the Neil.

In a wide-ranging interview, find out what Donald Trump thinks about the future of the World Trade Center, Mike Tyson's boxing career and how do deal with your enemies.

Why is the Washington Post publishing stories without bylines on Wednesday? I'll sit down with a union representative from the Post to find out what the newspaper's writers are protesting.

Stock broker astrologer Henry Weingarten says that, according to his astrological charts, the world will calm down after June 20. Is now the time to be bullish on stocks? I'll ask him. Or will the bears rule the street? Gerald Celente, the director of Trends Research Institute, weighs in.

If people on the ground do their jobs right, will there be terror in the sky? I'll ask Charles Slepian, CEO of the Foreseeable Risk Analysis Center.

When the market drives you to drink, should you buy the stuff you drink? So says Louie Navellier, president and CIO at Navallier & Associates.

What's the richest team in the U.S.? Bill Hinchy, president of the Rancho Santa Fe Homeowners Association Board, fills us in.

All that, plus we'll have continuing coverage from around the globe as the War on Terror continues.

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