Nicolas Cage, Noel Gallagher and Winona Ryder are in the Foxlight.

Nicolas Cage says his character in Windtalkers is the unhappiest one he's every played. Yes — even unhappier than the alcoholic in Leaving Las Vegas. Predictably, the movie's Navaho storyline has Cage preaching about the poor treatment native Americans have received over the years. Thanks for the news flash, Nic.

Ever since The Osbournes found success, every celebrity wants their own reality TV show. Now, it's Oasis' Gallagher brothers. Here's the twist: perennial bad boy Noel Gallagher says one of their roadies has been filming them for the last seven years. He says the footage includes things like them causing trouble at customs. Gallagher also says he wouldn't mind having cameras in his house, as long as they're hidden. How hidden would they be after he watches the first episode?

Finally, does Winona Ryder have the bones of a 90 year-old woman? Bumping into a camera broke her arm? C'mon. Warning to jewelry stores — if that cast isn't real she can hide some pretty valuable stuff in there.