NSA Starts Ad Campaign

For the first time in history, the National Security Agency has developed a public advertising campaign to urge the military to improve security.

The "Information Security Begins With You" campaign is the first such public slogan to promote protecting U.S secrets since the World War II catchphrase "Loose Lips Sink Ships."

Public service ads, using the same graphic look as the WWII posters, were developed in April by the Baltimore ad agency Trahan, Burden & Charles, and are being placed in The Army Times, The Navy Times, The Air Force Times and The Marine Corps Times on behalf of the NSA. The campaign runs through the end of July.

A government official told Fox News that "unguarded information can be a valuable source of intelligence to our enemies. The increased threat of terrorism has intensified the demand for our military personnel to remain vigilant and alert, always on guard protecting information that our enemies could use to undermine our national security and harm the nation. This campaign is a visible reminder of this crucial responsibility."

The actual cost of the ad campaign is classified. Accompanying wall posters have begun to turn up at military installations.

The NSA is part of the Defense Department and is considered the world's top code-breaking agency. It collects raw electronic intelligence information.