Sandra Bullock, The Shield and The Sum Of All Fears

Sandra Bullock, The Shield and The Sum Of All Fears are in the Foxlight.

Sandra Bullock is going crazy. Media meatheads like me keep asking her about a family. She says people assume that having a career means a woman is missing something. According to Bullock, the great thing about the media — she tells the media — is that if she ever does have children, she knows there will be an embarrassing sound bite that will prove "what an ass their mother is." Hey Sandra, that sound bite will do just fine.

How can The Shield have it's season finale this week? Didn't it premiere, like, ten days ago? That's OK, because this series is great. I know that it's on FX — which means it's part of the family — but it doesn't matter. If it was on another channel I'd be just as happy for everything — except for my 401k.

I know The Sum Of All Fears made a lot of money over the weekend — but how did it do in Baltimore?

Is it just me or is this new Hampton's reality-based mini-series a snooze? I guess mini-series is the new term for "We shot too much footage."