Bull's-Eye America

Enough has been said about the FBI for a while. They've promised us a new way of doing investigative business. Now they should just do it and make us proud.

I will add as a final word that it is refreshing to see an FBI director actually admitting to what is so obvious to the rest of us: that the agency had clues something was afoot before 9/11, but couldn't manage to put two and two together.

The FBI now promises that it will be able to do this kind of simple addition, and we — the potential terror victims — are grateful that the clear light of day has penetrated the agency's stone walls.

Now, to another matter…

The other day, I was in the middle of what I think is a good explanation of why George W. Bush has a Europe problem. I was interrupted by breaking news, and I don't think I got my point across. So I'm going to try it again…

Europe doesn't think Bush ought to go after Iraq, because Europe doesn't think Iraq is going to carry out terrorism against Europe. They think Iraq is going to launch attacks against Americans, and that the U.S. can pre-empt such an attack by doing what Europe always does: cave in to the demands of the attackers.

Bush has stubbornly said no, and continues to keep Iraq on his radar because he knows the U.S. is the target of choice for these 10th century geniuses.

Run a plane into the Eiffel Tower? A few seconds of news, and it's over. Not even the French would do anything about it, except round up a few Algerians, and claim they'd broken the terror cell.

The Brits are darn sure they want to end terrorism when it's the IRA, so they complain that Americans are blithely donating to the IRA in Boston bars, when they — the Brits — are working hard to fight Irish terror bombers.

When it comes to stirring up Muslims, who populate London and its environs to a great degree, the Brits get more squeamish. If Bush were to go off on an Iraq-a-thon, there's no telling what might go boom in London.

I'm not an expert in this field, but I would say the bastions of civilization in Europe are safe... for now. That's because there has been so much terror mileage gained by attacking America, the evildoers would hardly waste their time anywhere else these days.

In the terror business, it's bull's-eye America or bust, and that's why Bush is right.

That's My Word.

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