Topics and Guests, May 30

Jim Angle reports: President Bush is dispatching Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld to India and Pakistan next week to calm escalating tensions between the two states over the ongoing conflict in Kashmir.

Panel preview: The India and Pakistan situation intensifies. What's next?

Guest: Sumit Ganguly, University of Texas: The Bush administration is sending top-level representatives to both India and Pakistan in the coming week. Apart from "please stop," what should the U.S. be saying to the two sides?

Team coverage from the region
William La Jeunesse reports from Islamabad, Pakistan: War is not inevitable, but tensions are high in Kashmir.
Steve Herrigan reports from New Delhi, India: Officials say they are rapidly losing patience with Pakistan.

Carl Cameron reports: Attorney General John Ashcroft to announce details of a historic plan to revamp the FBI by dramatically decentralizing the organization and allowing field agents to conduct more undercover and surveillance work in an effort to prevent terrorist attacks.

Catherine Herridge reports: We've had a big shake up since Sept. 11 with airline security and the FBI. Now it looks like we're getting a sea change with customs.

Alisyn Camerota reports: A former attorney general of Massachusetts who launched the tobacco lawsuits is on a another mission: to combat a $50 billion a year industry.

Plus, the end of the World Trade Center site cleanup and recovery effort marked with a ceremony, as one last stretcher, carrying a folded American flag, will be carried out of the pit symbolizing the victims not found.

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