Ben Affleck, Undercover Brother and The Importance of Being Earnest

A big blow, several big 'fros and look where Ernest goes in the weekend movie Foxlight.

Ben Affleck says some people may not want to see his new movie. That's publicity you can't buy at any price. Paramount is gulping big time and critics are very mixed but ready or not, here is The Sum of All Fears. Baltimore is toast after a nuclear device disrupts a Super Bowl and life as we know it. Affleck is Clancy Lite according to some. And the big bang is devastating to watch but almost laughable after as Affleck wanders around town oblivious to nuclear winter, radiation and miraculously working cell phones. This one could go either way, but some are betting big.

Next, Eddie Griffin is an Undercover Brother. Think Austin Powers in even more wild clothes. One Variety reporter I know says this could be the comedy sleeper hit of the summer. Superfly or just plain Shafted? We'll know Monday.

Finally, Ernest goes to England in an all star cast of The Importance of Being Earnest. Reese Witherspoon drops the Legally Blonde shtick and Rupert Everett is smirking but mostly playing it straight. The big question: Can this make a dent in a summer of blockbusters no matter how 'earnest' it is?

The other real question: Does Yoda finally have a worthy box-office opponent in Ben Affleck? Or will it be another one-two weekend for Clones and Spider-man?