Raw Data: Text of 1998 FBI Memo

FBI Director Robert Mueller made reference Wednesday to a document produced by an FBI pilot in Oklahoma City in 1998 that warned of Middle Eastern men receiving flight training in that state.

This is the redacted text of the document, obtained by Fox News:


Precedence: Routine

To: Oklahoma City

From SA (special agent) (redacted)

Squad 4

Contact: Ext. 3753


Approved by: Redacted

Drafted by : Redacted


Synopsis: Information regarding flight training by Middle Eastern Males

Details: SA (redacted) Chief Pilot, Oklahoma City Division, advised that he has observed large numbers of Middle Eastern males receiving flight training at Oklahoma airports in recent months. SA (redacted) states this is a recent phenomenon and may be related to planned terrorist activity. SA (redacted) speculates that light planes would be an ideal means of spreading chemical or biological agents.