Eminem, Lance Bass and Ben Affleck

Eminem, Lance Bass and Ben Affleck all getting in sync in The Foxlight.

Eminem may dress like Usama bin Laden in his new video, but that didn't stop fans. The bins at music stores weren't laden for long with his new album. The Eminem Show is flying off shelves: 284,000 copies were sold in 36 hours. It debuted a few weeks early and on a Sunday instead of a Tuesday because of bootlegs. So much for illegal copies hurting sales.

Are the Russians about to say 'nyet?' Lance Bass of 'N Sync plans to hold a news conference in Moscow this week to talk about his space trip. Bass is trying to get a seat on the three-person spacecraft the Russians plan to launch in the fall. But the Russian space agency continues to deny Bass has even contacted them. A spokesman says anyone can undergo tests at the institute, but it doesn't automatically make them a candidate for space flight.

Finally, Ben Affleck is a young Jack Ryan in The Sum of All Fears. But it's set in present day. Confusing? Basically the character ages in reverse.

McCuddy: So who'll play him next? Haley Joel Osment?

Affleck: (Laughs) I hope so.

McCuddy: They get younger and younger...

Affleck: We're going to start out with what kind of pacifier Ryan used in the cradle.

And that's the sum of all things feared in Hollywood we call The Foxlight.