Topics and Guests for May 29


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Topics and Guests for May 29:

¬ 9:20
Levy's death declared a homicide
Charles Ramsey, DC chief of police

¬ 9:35
Levy investigation underway
Dr. Michael Baden, forensic pathologist

¬ 10:03
Homeland security
Nancy Soderberg, former deputy assistant to Clinton for National Security Affairs

¬ 10:35
Chandra Levy: The hunt for the killer
Joseph Tacopina, criminal defense attorney
David Schertler, former federal prosecutor

¬ 11:03
Levy investigation
Pete White, former DC homicide prosecutor

¬ 11:20
Relations between India and Pakistan heat up
Mansoor Ijaz, Fox News Channel foreign affairs analyst

¬ 11:35
Terrorism report 2002
Anthony Quainton, former director of office for Combating Terrorism under Carter and Reagan 

¬ 12:03
Levy investigation
Michael DoyleModesto Bee, Washington bureau chief
Howard Miller, former DC detective

¬ 12:35
Pan Am 103 family member reacts to Libya's offer
Rosemary Wolf, lost stepdaughter on Pan Am 103

¬ 1:30
Chandra Levy’s murder investigation 
Anne Marie Smith, flight attendant
Jim Robinson, Anne Marie Smith's attorney

¬ 2:03
FBI needs a cultural change
Maurice Sonnenberg, former vice chairman of the National Commission on Terrorism 

¬ 3:03
Nuclear fallout?
Dr. Steven Garner, chief medical officer at St. Vincent's hospital and perhaps New York City's foremost expert on disaster preparedness

¬ 3:20
Pan Am 103 family member reacts to Libya's offer
Stephanie Bernstein, her husband Michael was killed 

¬ 3:50
Death from Mexico 
Michelle Malkin, syndicated columnist & Fox News contributor

NOTE: Topics and guests are subject to change