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Robert and Susan Levy are attending a memorial service for their daughter Chandra on Tuesday. Chandra's case is now a murder investigation, Police Chief Charles Ramsey said Tuesday, vowing that the Washington police force will leave "no stone unturned" in its effort to find the 24-year-old intern's killer.

Police said they have no prime suspect in the case. They may again interview some of the people they talked to after Levy disappeared 13 months ago, including Rep. Gary Condit, (D-CA).
Anne Marie Smith, alleges she had an affair with Gary Condit
Jim Robinson, attorney for Anne Marie Smith

Deadly espionage, horrific war crimes and secrets
More on Buckley's thriller based on fact!
William F. Buckley Jr., author and founder of the National Review

• Brent Wilkes, national executive director for the League of United Latin American Citizen
Bob Goldsborough, Americans for Immigration Control

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