Britney Spears, David Copperfield, Cuba Gooding Jr. and Paul McCartney

The stars are just like you and I except for the entourage, free stuff and better lighting. That's why we shine the Foxlight on them.

Oops, Britney's parents are getting divorced. Mom Spears spends a lot of time hanging out with her pop princess daughter. Dad Spears wants a quieter life.

David Copperfield was at a party over the Memorial Day weekend. Partygoers tried to talk him into heading up to the host's roof and stand on the chimney just like David Blaine. Copperfield had no such illusions.

If you think Cuba Gooding Jr.'s career has gone to the "Snow Dogs" since his Oscar, this might be good news: He'll star in something a little more serious called Radio. It's the true story about a white South Carolina football coach who befriends Gooding's character — a mentally challenged black man. Show me the maudlin!

Finally, gossip maven Cindy Adams says Sir Paul McCartney has turned into the Bob Hope of pop concerts. According to Cindy, on his current U.S. tour, the former Beatle needs cue cards to remember the lyrics to his own songs. Help!