Tip Sheet for the Week of May 27 - 31

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FRED BARNES, CO-HOST: Mort's in the hot seat, and here's our Tip Sheet for next week's action.

Item number one, Mort, Monday is Memorial Day, and President Bush will be at the U.S. cemetery at Normandy Beach in France.

MORT KONDRACKE, CO-HOST: I'm sure it'll be a, an, an emotional and eloquent moment.  I - Bush undoubtedly will link the heroism shown by people who fought in World War II to the heroism now involved in fighting, fighting terrorism, and make the point that the struggle to protect freedom never ends.

BARNES: You know, I've been to the cemetery at Normandy. It's a, it's a fantastic place. I challenge any American to go there and keep their eyes dry. It can't happen.

Item number two, President Bush will be in Rome next week and will meet with the pope.

KONDRACKE: Well, he will not touch the burning issues of pedophilia in the priesthood or Cardinal Law's tenure in, in Boston, which, you know, I would think that he might. But I wouldn't expect that he would, because it wouldn't be good for retaining the Catholic vote in the United States.

BARNES: Yes, that - yes, the White House is still obsessed with the Catholic vote.

Item three, British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw will be in New Delhi next week to try to defuse tensions between India and Pakistan. That may not be soon enough.

KONDRACKE: Well, they are on the brink of nuclear war. You know, it's good that Straw is there, but the number...


KONDRACKE: ... two man in the State Department, Richard Armitage, is, is not going to get to the, to the region until...

BARNES: June, June, June...

KONDRACKE: ... June 4th, you know. It's time for him to pack his bags.


KONDRACKE: This is the most important diplomatic mission and the moment that there is in the world.

BARNES: Right. Maybe Colin Powell, after Bush's trip, could skip over there next week.

Item four, the Democratic Leadership Council will host a forum next week in Los Angeles. The focus, attracting and keeping Latino voters. Mort, look at these polls. In the 2000 presidential election, Al Gore carried 62 percent of the Hispanic vote, Bush 35 percent. But according to a new Democratic poll - that's a Democratic poll, Mort...


BARNES: ... Bush has closed the gap considerably, coming within 2 points if the election were held today.

KONDRACKE: Well, the election is not today. The, the...


KONDRACKE: ... the 2002 election is today in Congress. Now, Latino voters are much less favorable toward Republican candidates for Congress than they are toward Bush, and the Democrats have a plot to make them even more so, that is, by introducing George Bush's own liberal immigration policy toward Mexico as a bill and seeing what the Republicans will do about it.


KONDRACKE: Now, Republicans are against more liberal immigration, and they hope to embarrass them and keep the Latinos back in the Democratic Party.

BARNES: Mort, I mean, do Democrats care about any of these issues, or is everything they do just a ploy?

KONDRACKE: No, Democrats...

BARNES: Against Bush and Republicans.

KONDRACKE: ... favor more liberal immigration.

BARNES: Yes, it's a ploy.

Item number five, term limits are on the ballot for next week's Idaho primary. Challengers are taking on lawmakers who repealed the state's term limits.

KONDRACKE: Well, term limits are a bad idea. We need experienced politicians to continue doing the job.

And, you know, they could be voted out at any time if they're bad. But, you know, it's a popular idea, I know, and I'm sure that Idaho, being the kind of conservative place that it is, that there will be, that this, this - I - term limits will be back in force...

BARNES: Mort, Mort, Mort...

KONDRACKE: ... for Iowa - Idaho state legislators.

BUSH: ... Mort, sorry to tell you, but term limits are back. The attempt to get rid of them in California was rejected earlier this year. They'll be back in Idaho. And they'll be spreading around the country again.

KONDRACKE: They'll - not in Congress.

BARNES: It's a trend. This trend not started in California - again started in California, has reached Iowa, and it'll get east.

KONDRACKE: Fortunately not in Congress.

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