Harry Potter, Slackers and Dark Blue World

Harry Potter Slackers Dark Blue World

I was one of the few people that wasn't caught under Harry Potter's spell. But that won't matter to the legions who will line up for the video and DVD release. The computer generated tricks will probably look less spectacular on the small screen. And no amount of directorial narration can explain that goofy flying game that comes down to finding the little ball.

There was a lot of promise around Slackers. Everyone — OK, maybe just me wanted to see what actor Jason Schwartzman would do after Rushmore. But when the studio started changing both the title and the release date, many smelled an 'Uh-oh.' Well, they were right. The plot sounds great: Geek blackmails popular guy into getting the hot girl. But the real slackers, according to critics, were the writer and first-time director.

Finally, I can't find anyone who's heard of Dark Blue World. It's a romantic drama about two Czech Spitfire pilots serving together in the U.K.'s Royal Air Force during World War II when guess what? They fall for the same war time gal. Love is hell.