Below the Fold for May 26

Let's check out some political stories we found Below the Fold.

Hardly Working for His Money?

Former President Bill Clinton got $250,000 this week for a speech in Shenzhen, China. But the locals aren't happy.

Clinton arrived hours late, due to flight delays and then delivered a talk so rambling that many in the audience removed the headsets providing simultaneous translations. The Yancheng Evening News reported that, "Although he had nothing worth saying, he kept going on."

Fur is Flying

Former pro basketball star Charles Barkley opposes plans to replace leather basketballs now used in competition with synthetic leather spheroids. He said recently of a plan advanced by PETA: "Animals are only good to be eaten and tested."

Then, as if to prove his point, he ate a hamburger and declared, "I hope those PETA people are outside my car. I will run over them like dogs." PETA President Ingrid Newkirk dispatched a quick letter, lecturing Barkley, "This stuff isn't funny."

Hyphen-less America?

In a development that may be deeply troubling for America's large and profitable race-baiting industry, the Bureau of the Census reports that a rising number of Americans are declining to identify themselves by primordial racial categories — such as Irish-American, German-American, African-American — and are choosing instead to call themselves, "Americans."

Gig Young, a New York bakery owner, tells the Washington Post that although he comes from West Indian, African and Chinese stock, he can't remember how he filled out his Census form. "I'm a bit of everything," he said, "so I guess I'm a proper American."