Crime Wave

Sat., May 11 at 11 p.m. ET
Sun., May 12 at 4 a.m. ET

Racketeering. Extortion. Murder.

They terrorized cities and ruled a crime empire through fear and brutality.

They were the boss of all bosses — men who got what they wanted at any cost and left their victims to pay the ultimate price.

This weekend, join host Jon Scott as FOX News investigates the Godfathers.

The Dapper Don. The Teflon Don. Just two of the names for the infamous John Gotti, who for years ran New York's notorious Gambino crime family. There are only a couple of ways you get to be the head of a major Mafia family. John Gotti's way was  murder.

Plus, every man who's ever run the Mafia in Philadelphia has wound up either murdered or behind bars. In March 2001, Joey Merlino was about to find out whether fate might have one of those ends in store for him.

And, we'll show you the next generation of mob bosses who are waiting in the wings.