Topics and Guests, May 21

James Rosen reports: Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld sends a warning on Capitol Hill: It's only a matter of time before terrorists determined to destroy America obtain nuclear, chemical and biological weapons.

Panel preview: We address the continuing story of who knew what when. And we'll talk about the new warnings. Also, is Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat's popularity waning?

Guest: Dennis Ross, former U.S. special envoy to the Mideast

Carl Cameron reports: FOX News learns that the Immigration and Naturalization Service has allowed hundreds of illegal immigrants from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria and other countries to enter the United States as part of an undercover sting operation against human smuggling over the last four years, but the I.N.S. lost track of as many as 100 of the aliens once they got here.

Brian Wilson: The federal government announces that pilots will not be allowed to have guns in the cockpits of commercial U.S. airplanes. The announcement comes at a Senate Commerce Committee hearing by John Magaw, undersecretary for transportation security.

Steve Centanni reports: Afghanistan is not only a target of America's war on terror. It's also a site of ethnic fighting.

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