Topics and Guests for May 21

Merrill Lynch & Co. has agreed to pay $100 million to settle charges that the firm's analysts misled investors with their stock ratings so the company could win lucrative investment banking fees.

Could other brokerage firms face similar investigations? I'll have a complete report on the details of the deal.

And how will the settlement impact your portfolio? I'll ask Larry Wachtel, market analyst for Prudential Financial, and Peter Cardillo, president and chief market strategist for Global Partner Securities.

Airline security analyst Michael Boyd joins me to explain why the federal government will not allow pilots to have guns in the cockpits of commercial U.S. airplanes.

I'll look at the timing of the release of Paramount's new film, The Sum of All Fears, about a terrorist's attempt to detonate a nuclear bomb at the Super Bowl. Is the plot too close to reality for comfort? FOX

News political contributor Jim Pinkerton weighs in.

Suicide bombings continue in the Middle East. How long before Israel retaliates? And what could happen to our markets if the response is harsh? Jim Rogers, famed global investor and the name behind, weighs in.

Plus, are we spending too much energy investigating the failure to predict the terror attacks of September 11 and not enough on preventing the next attack? I'll ask James Woolsey, former CIA director.

And, comedian Joe Piscopo drops by to explain his efforts to help business executives loosen up and speak like real people.

All that, plus we'll have continuing coverage from around the globe as the War on Terror continues.

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