Topics and Guests for May 20

In a speech marking Cuban Independence Day, President Bush on Monday offered a set of proposals designed to return Cuba to the "community of democracies" in the western hemisphere.

I'll look at the White House's Initiative for a New Cuba and compare it to the approach taken by former President Jimmy Carter with Ambassador Sally Grooms Cowal.

Plus, a quick check of Wall Street shows some big name companies that are selling for single digits. Are they good buys, or do these stocks belong in cellar? President and COO of BNY Clearning Services International, Frank Lasalla, weighs in.

Is the United States ready for another terrorist attack? I'll ask Alan Ackerman, chief market strategist at Fahnestock & Co.

How tough is the battle for market share in the video game industry? And can you profit from it? I'll sit down with Kaz Hirai, president and COO of Sony Computer Entertainment.

Is Victoria's Secret getting dowdy? Ed Razek, chief marketing officer for Limited Brands, joins me.

Can you learn from celebrities' investing and spending strategies? Vanessa Summers, author of Get In The Game! The Girls Guide To Money And Investing, explains.

All that, plus we'll have continuing coverage from around the globe as the War on Terror continues.

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