Topics and Guests for Friday, May 17

Tonight...go on the record...with Greta. What kind of information was dispensed through intelligence briefings that the Bush administration and members of Congress received prior to September 11?

We'll take a look at that question and also the political firestorm that has been building in Washington over this issue when we turn to our own Brian Wilson for a report and then turn to Congressmen Robert Andrews of New Jersey and J.D. Hayworth of Arizona.

Then, why didn't we see the September 11 attacks coming? We'll take a look at that question with Maurice Sonnenberg, former vice chair of the National Commission on Terrorism and investigative journalist, Ron Kessler, author of The Bureau: The Secret History of the FBI.  


Then, as the political firestorm in Washington focuses on the past, how are we doing in our war on terror? Has the body of Daniel Pearl finally been found? And why are British troops getting sick in Afghanistan? We'll have a live update with our own William LaJeunesse from Bagram and we'll also get perspective on the war from our FOX News military experts, retired Marine Lt. Col. Bill Cowan and retired Army Lt. Col. Bob Maginnis.

And later, just how safe are America's 103 nuclear power plants? After the September 11 attacks, the Federal Aviation Adminstration issued a no-fly zone over all nuclear facilities. But it recently relaxed that rule. Was that a wise move as we continue to fight the War on Terror? We ask former Energy Secretary Bill Richardson to go on the record this evening.

Finally, bestselling crime author and screenwriter James Ellroy on another mystery...The Robert Blake case. Wait till you Ellroy's take on this Hollywood Whodunnit!

Join us this evening at 10 p.m. ET for On the Record With Greta Van Susteren, only on the FOX News Channel. 

Note: Topics and Guests subject to change