About a Boy and Attack of the Clones

David and Goliath meet this weekend at your local multiplex. Wonder who'll win? We go out on a light-saber limb in the warm glare of The Foxlight.

This may be the bravest movie in the galaxy. It's called About a Boy and it's opening the same weekend as another little film you may have heard of. First, more on this one. Hugh Grant plays a cad and he's really good. Shocker.

He starts hanging out with a kid to meet single parents. Nice scam. And it works, for a while. Critics love this thing because it's tailor made for Grant. The rest of the cast is first-rate, and it's already a huge hit in England. But it has to be considered the most gutsy counter-programming around.

Because Star Wars: Episode Two — Attack of the Clones is here. It'll play virtually 24/7 in lots of theaters. So the theory is everyone who wants to see it will. And it doesn't matter that critics have given it two light sabers down. My advice? Sneak into a theater for the last 45 minutes, if that's possible. Like a college basketball play-off game, it all happens at the end.

Finally, The Salton Sea opens wider today in a few cities and it hasn't gotten any better.