Stepmom Drops Suit Against Liza

Liza Minnelli's stepmother dropped her lawsuit against the veteran entertainer yesterday, proclaiming to a judge: "I can't sue Liza."

A phone call from Minnelli — and a promise of dinner at famed Beverly Hills restaurant Spago — is apparently all it took to convince 94-year-old Lee Minnelli to drop a lawsuit for elder abuse and breach of contract. 

"She just said, 'Hello, Mummy, be out there in two weeks and we'll go and have dinner at Spago,'" said the elder Minnelli. 

"I don't want to sue her because I love her. She's my daughter." 

At the heart of the suit is Liza's efforts to boot wheelchair-reliant Lee from her Sunset Boulevard home of about 40 years. 

Outside court, Lee quoted Liza, 56, as saying, "I'm so glad you're not suing me, Mummy."

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