Madonna vs. McCartney in Castle Hassle

Get ready for the rock-'n'-roll brawl of the century it's Madonna vs. McCartney.

The Material Mom is reported to be competing with the ex-Beatle to buy a $7 million Scottish castle. 

The pop queen and her director hubby, Guy Ritchie, are said to be planning a special viewing of Amhuinnsuidhe Castle, on the Isle of Harris. 

They have wanted to buy a home in the Scottish Highlands since their wedding at Skibo Castle in December 2000. 

But McCartney is also said to have expressed an interest in the property as a getaway for him and his bride-to-be, Heather Mills. 

As if the interest of Madonna and McCartney weren't enough, real-estate sources also say Sting and Mohammed al-Fayed, owner of Harrods, also have their eye on the prize. 

And to make matters more complicated, the residents of Harris also hope to take over the estate in a community buyout. 

The castle and 50,000 acres are being sold by hard cider millionaire Jonathan Bulmer, who once described it as "the loveliest place on earth." 

Madonna already owns a $9 million townhouse in London and a $12 million mansion and estate in Wiltshire, England.

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