Parting Thoughts on Minor Miracles

At Saturday's White House Correspondents Association dinner, President Bush did as presidents do at such events: he told jokes and looked presidential.

Then came featured entertainer Drew Carey, who did as comedians sometimes do, he made people laugh.

Along the way, Carey accomplished two other things of note. He praised the young men and women who serve overseas often in harsh conditions against enemies known and unknown, Americans who come not to conquer land, but liberate. And he also talked briefly about religion, making specific mention of the Bible.

Now, if you want to silence a room filled with Washington illuminati, people schooled in studied cynicism, willing to commit only to a lack of commitment to creeds and courses of actions, talk about a divine creator and immutable truth. For a moment, you could hear the air conditioners whooshing.

But then again, maybe the silence was a sign that Carey performed a small miracle, making members of the capital city's press herd do something unusual: think on their own.