Unfaithful and The New Guy

Cheatin' hearts and geeky parts in the bright new movie glare of The Foxlight.

No two people seem to agree on Unfaithful if one is a man and the other is a woman. That's because women love it and men are scared to death by it. Diane Lane is happily married to Richard Gere until she meets a downtown book dealer during a 200 mile an hour wind storm. Yeah, that could happen. They get a little winded themselves. Then Gere finds out. Uh-oh. "Lucy, you got some explaining to do." All I'll tell you about the end is it's not the first one they shot. They were unfaithful to the script?

Next, uber geek DJ Qualls is on a different kind of Road Trip to prison. He's the uncool kid who gets a Maury Povich style makeover from con Eddie Griffin. Now he's out, back at a new school and he's The New Guy. Think Fonzie with blonde highlights. But don't think too hard, it's not required. What is required is homage to the always Foxlight friendly Eliza Dushku. She's surprise a cheerleader. But a really good one. And for some reason Lyle Lovett is Quall's dad.

None of this is probably going to matter to swing kid Peter Parker. Even if it's off 70 percent it'll make over $30 million and that'll be good enough for No.1 again  until a little something called Episode Two drops by next week.