Star Wars, Jared Leto and Hugh Hefner

The new Star Wars, Jared Leto and Hugh Hefner in the Viagra filled glow of The Foxlight.

Now it can be told: The Foxlight has seen Star Wars: Episode 2 — Attack of the Clones. While fans may be happy, the rest of the galaxy may be a little confused. There's a a lot of back story being light sabred in this movie. Natalie Portman is still Amidelicious, but she's not the queen, she's a Senator. It's Hillary Clinton! And Jar Jar is back. Sorry. The good news is Yoda is no longer a sock puppet and Ewan McGregor is Obi-Number One. Hayden Christensen ? Well, oh never mind, we're just doing the good news.

Speaking of young brooding actors, what kind of "Panic Room" would Jared Leto like to live in? The reclusive actor tells The New York Post his idea of heaven is "A Hobbit cave with a door. And fur rugs. Cozy. With a fireplace. Something you could live in for months." Charming. Hey, give Elijah Wood's real estate agent a ring.

Finally, Hugh Hefner says forget The Bachelor. That's not reality according to the Pajama King, but his reality show Girl Next Door: The Search For a Playboy Centerfold is. Sure, we all live next door to 12 potential centerfold playmates all cat-fighting in one house. Then we wake up.